Bulletproof Coffee Experiment. Day Four.

Right, so I’m a few days into this little experiment, figured I’d go into a few of the finer details for curious parties. Before we start though, here’s the head of today’s first coffee – the froth means it’s getting in my moustache, the smell follows me through the day, it’s awesome!!

Bulletproof Head

Firstly, if coffee isn’t already a part of your life, suddenly making it a big part of your diet won’t be without it’s, um, intestinal teething issues. Coffee has been breakfast to me for a while now, so I didn’t have any negative effects upgrading to ‘Bulletproof coffee‘, though there was a slight hunger on the morning of the first day. I’ve read online of other peoples issues, but the stomach complaints are mainly for obvious reasons – if I’d been hesitant about doing this, building the butter/coconut quantities up from small initial levels would’ve been my route..

The Set-up

How you make the actual coffee can obviously vary – I started the week with a machine similar to this ultra-cheap ASDA model, then remembered I had a big Bodum press in the cupboard! If you’re spending more than £40 on a machine, try asking your coffee-drinking friends for advice, but less than that & I imagine they’re all much of a muchness.

The all-important mixing of coffee with butter and coconut is done using this milk frother from Argos, less than a fiver. I’ll probably upgrade to a fancy blender soon, but as I’m making this at work as well as home I’m thinking of tracking down a stronger hand-blender. This Argos one does the job, but you definitely get the need for more power when using it, and it’s not the sturdiest of products.

Coffee-wise, I’m currently using the best of an average bunch from the local shop, Douwe Egberts ‘Morning Americano’ (Coffee Judge passes judgement on it here). My priority this weekend will be to buy a decent coffee grinder and some quality beans from the lads at Brew Bar Espresso, something I’ve never tried my hand at before, so really looking forward to that.

I got my butter and coconut oil from Tesco’s online service as I’d struck out in the handful of shops I’d tried to find the goods in, but wouldn’t recommend that experience on anyone! Seriously, one of the biggest retailers in the world and their online store was one of the most awkward and flawed processes I’ve ever seen. I’d have gone with Waitrose Online, but they have a £50 minimum order. I’ll update (or, hey, comment if you know..) when I find a decent supply, or if an own-brand is from grass-fed herds – I spotted 2 different unsalted butters in Tesco yesterday, and I’m pretty sure the Organic one will be grass-fed. If, by some twisted magic, you can use their webstore without wanting to drop your computer off a tall building, here’s the Anchor one I got.

Still not seen coconut oil in the offline world, so again, will need to report back on this down-the-line. It’s not actually coconut oil that’s recommended by Mr Bulletproof, it’s something called MCT, which is (from what I understand) the goodness of the coconut oil in concentrate form. Again, pretty sure this only exists on the internet, but if there’s a High Street supplier I’ll hopefully sniff it out over the next week or so, and if you can’t track it down I’m told coconut oil is more than adequate for the purpose. Here’s the Tesco one I bought, but as I say..their webstore!

I’m not sure if I’ll need to start doing some exercise to help deal with this new regular hit of fat, at present I’m fairly inactive! I occasionally do the 30minute walk into the city centre, and there is an uphill walk involved at one end, but for the most part it’s just a bus to work and back. I’m relatively ‘in-shape’ at present, so I’m keeping a keen eye out for tell-tale signs of putting weight on, though I’ve managed to walk half my daily commute a few days this week and enjoyed it, so might try and make that a regular new thing.
Food-wise, my day now looks like this:
7:00am – Coffee
9:00am – Coffee
1:00pm – Beans & Toast (approx. 800cal/15gFat)
8:00pm – Regular-ass-meal

As well as the MCT replacement, my recipe is a little different when it comes to measures. The original recipe says to use 80g of butter across 2 mugs of coffee, I’ve gone with two separate blendings of 30g a piece. I didn’t choose this amount intentionally, it’s just the amount you get when cutting a 250g block of butter 8 ways. Weirdly, cutting it 6 ways gives you the required 40g for a single serving of the hardcore version. These measures are approximations you number Nazis! Between 1-2 tsp of the coconut oil.

So far, easily the most profound effect has been a diminished evening appetite, though it’s too early to say whether this is related or not. Science-be-damned, I’m a big fan of self-observed reasonings, so am making a conscious effort to remember as much detail from my days as possible in judging this experiment – it’s kind of in my interests to make sure I’m not ruining myself, after all!

For the record, 9pm at the moment and starting to feel like I could eat. This stalled appetite is perfect for my life-style, as there’s always something that needs doing once I get home after work (even if it’s just Reddit!) and I seldom eat before 8pm..usually much later.

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